Generosity provides churches with the ability to provide members and guests with multiple ways to give. These include Text-2-Give, Mobile app giving, Online and Recurring transactions.

With Generosity, you can create unlimited contribution categories (codes) to track different types of giving.

Allow your members to be faithful with their giving by easily setting up recurring giving: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and 1st & 15th of the month.

Ease of Giving​

Makes it easy for members to give online through the use of SmartURLs accompanied with mobile friendly functions. ​

Simple and Advanced Reporting​

Receive simple and advanced Reporting – compressed and detailed Reporting. No data access limit. Explore your historical data for the life cycle of your account on ChurchPad. ​

International Giving​

ChurchPad now provides giving via USSD Technology (similar to Text-To-Give). This is an emerging giving solution and it is available in countries where USSD technology is adopted.​

Contribution Management​

Allows you to manage contribution types, void transactions or process refunds. ​

Manual or Batch Data Entry​

Data entry for manual contribution (CSV batch imports)​

Financial Statements

Your members get real-time statements (up-to-date, yearly) via Text / App / Email / Online for their financial/tax returns purposes.​

Data Exports

Makes it easy to export contributions to other major accounting software.​

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