ChurchPad empowers your church culture to create an ultimate experience while leveraging technology.

We deepen engagement within the church community by encouraging generosity, enhancing outreach/evangelism, and creating communication channels with effective feedback systems.

Our efficient check-in process, prayer and testimony sharing tools integrated with our award-winning mobile app not only activate your ministry participation but connect it to everyone around the world.

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ChurchPad is a complete church management solution. We built ChurchPad to address the core and expanding needs of churches, with a wide array of unique but connected products.

Your Technology Department

With ChurchPad, you gain access to a revolutionary suite of  tools within the same platform/ecosystem and avoid using different unconnected solutions and data points across your church. ChurchPad is indeed the technology piece for your ministry.

A Team of Visionaries

We are a team of passionate technologists, creatives and visionary leaders who believe technology can fuel the growth of the modern day church. We are volunteers in our churches and have over 100 years of experience serving in the church.

We believe in the power of technology to fuel the mission of the church and are unapologetic in our goal to empower churches and mission-driven organizations around the world.

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