The Word

This product provides accessibility to church livestream and sermons. 

Online Streaming​

Access 3rd party streaming platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Church Online Platform, Facebook live broadcasts.​

Push Notifications​

Set push notifications to automatically alert your members whenever a new livestream is about to start. This increases your members' participation.​

Multiple Live Streams​

Allows members to view and access all your multiple live streams at the same time. On Sunday, you may have Adult church service, Teenage church service and Children church service streaming concurrently. ​

Auto Convert Live Streams to Sermons​

Set a timer to automatically change your livestream to a sermon once it is over. Members will be able to access it under the Sermons section. ​

Reporting and Analytics - Views​

Monitor how your live streams and sermons are viewed from your ChurchPad app.​

Note Sharing​

Make, view and share notes/summaries on the sermon with friends and family. ​

Sermon Sharing​

Church members can share videos to social media, friends and family. ​

Favorite Sermons​

Save your favorite sermon and share with friends.​

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