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Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, some churches have managed to maintain donations due to their adopting digital forms of giving.

The unprecedented call for social distancing in almost every part of the world has inspired novel ways of doing our usual daily activities.

Everyone texts messages; teenagers, young adults, and much older folks – we practically text every day. The vast majority of people between ages 18 to 55 and older in the United States send text messages. From all indications, the number of texts sent is only going to increase.

It implies that there isn’t a better time for you to encourage text messaging in your church. Leveraging this form of communication makes it even easier for your church to give. And since most people are familiar with cellphones, incorporating Text-to-give into your giving system would be beneficial.

Increased or Consistent Donations

A recent survey has shown that churches that adopted online and mobile giving thrived during the pandemic. The churches reported receiving increased or consistent donations during COVID. This survey proves that many more churches have enjoyed more frequent and steady givings and donations from their congregation.

Now you’re probably thinking, how did churches yet manage to consistently increase or maintain (at the very least) giving during an unprecedented event that warranted them to close their doors? Digital forms of donations have made it very convenient for more members and non-members to give to their churches.

Digital savvy organizations – those that have a website, live streaming, and are active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube saw 533% more donations during the pandemic than organizations who are slow or have refused to adopt digital.

Effective Two-way Communication

Another significant way Text-to-give is helping churches during the pandemic is opening up a powerful channel of communication between church leaders and their members. Communication is critical in building and sustaining connections during a period such as this, and Text-to-give is aiding that through fast and easy donation.

When someone gives via text, and saves your church’s number on their device; and vice versa, you can communicate via text about upcoming events, worship services, and volunteer activities in your community. They, on the other hand, will be able to give at any time by simply texting.

Text-to-give is the beginning of seamless two-way communication between you and your congregation. And considering how often we text, text-to-give is a more effective and efficient method than email or push notifications.


Text-to-give is a powerful mode of giving that every church should use during this period and even post-COVID. ChurchPad offers an excellent text-to-give option perfect for your church donations and fundraisings.

Texting is familiar, intuitive, and it doesn’t require us to learn something new. That is, anyone who texts can give, and do so easily without being required to learn a new skill. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it connects you to the younger generation.

Additionally, the text-to-give option works perfectly well as it meets your members where they are; it enables people to give even while out of town. It provides an alternative way for members to decide what they want to give.

In using text-to-give, an essential tip is to encourage your members to have your church’s text-to-give number on their contact list so they can easily find it whenever they want to.