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Social media is an essential tool for publicity these days.

At least more one billion individuals are signed up on Facebook alone. This should tell you how important it is for a church to utilize social media. One of the critical aspects of using social media is putting up posts. In this post, we will share some post ideas you can use for your church.

Social media post ideas for your church

There are tons of ideas that you can use for your posts on social media. We have picked ten of these to share with you in this post. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

Create a scripture graphic

We all know how important the word is to our faith. Your social media posts shouldn’t just publicize your church; they should build the faith of your followers in Christ. What better way to build their faith than sharing scriptures with them?

Instead of just sharing scripture in text format, add some beauty to it by creating a graphic. There are several simple tools to do this. One prominent example is Canva. You can make use of a scripture that the pastor quoted in his last message.

Share feedback/testimonies from your followers

Sometimes, your followers are so blessed by last Sunday’s message that they tweet about it. Other times, they put up testimonies talking about your church.

Post a weekly bible reading guide

One of the keys to getting the best from social media campaigns is being very engaging. There are several ways to engage with your audience. One such way is to put up a weekly bible reading guide.

Followers can take advantage of this to stay in the Word all through the week. A good place to start will be creating a list of the bible references for your pastor’s last message. Sharing this and asking people to share their testimonies guarantees engagements for a whole week.

Redirect followers to your online resources

If you have a church management software like ChurchPad, then this idea should work perfectly. You can put up resources like messages, music, podcasts, etc., on such software. Then share snippets of these on your social media handles.

When your followers get a foretaste of what you have in store, it is easy to redirect them to such material. Don’t forget to add the links to the posts or your bio in the case of Instagram.

Run a poll

You can do this at least once a week. The idea is to ask a question that you are sure your followers can relate with to respond. For example, you can ask them to share what they have learned from the church’s ongoing series.

To make it more interactive, you can make use of graphics related to the subject. This helps you to get more engagements.

Promote weekly events

This point is self-explanatory, and you probably do it already. Don’t promote your Sunday services only and not other services.

Create simple graphics for each service and promote them a few days ahead. You can even take it further by running countdown posts before the dates of such events. If they have to register for such services because of social distancing, refer them to your church management software. An example is Churchpad.

Appreciate your volunteers

Every church has volunteers in different departments. When last did you appreciate your volunteers on your social media pages? Do you know that this has a positive effect on the image of the church?

It shows that you are appreciative of your volunteers and salute their efforts. This will be an inspiration to members of your congregation battling with the idea of volunteering. You can take the opportunity to post the link to the small groups under which such volunteers serve.


Celebrate with members

While you appreciate volunteers on social media, you should not leave out other members. Use social media as a platform to celebrate with members. Share birthday and anniversary posts to celebrate members.

This shows how closely knit you are as a family. It gives a great impression of your congregation to followers that are not members of your church just yet.

Post behind the scenes pictures and videos

From worship rehearsals to setting the stage, you can show some snippets. Your followers will not only comment on such posts; they’ll be more interested in the end product as well.

Encouraging videos

You are not just interested in building the spiritual lives of your followers; you want them to be better all-round. To achieve this, ask your pastor or a member of the leadership team to make short encouragement videos. You can post such videos once or twice every week and ask followers to share related experiences.

Why should churches use social media?

There are several reasons, but here are a few:

• Wider reach beyond the physical congregation.
• Analytics
• Cost-effective.
• Keeps followers engaged with the word of God.


Social media is an immense tool that you can utilize to grow your congregation. Add this tool to a robust church administrative tool like ChurchPad to get the best results. What other post ideas do you have?

Share them in the comments section.